The first WPA forum of the new year is today at REI in bloomington

Ring in the new year with a review of wetland PERMITTING and regulatory programs.  Cookies, coffee, and conversation begins at 2pm followed by the presentation and discussion from 2:30-4:30pm.

Hope to see you there!! 


Wetland Fact of the Month

SUNDEW (Drosera spp.)

Minnesota wetlands provide habitat for several groups of carnivorous plants including bladderworts, pitcher plants, and sundews. There are 4 species of sundew found in MN including English sundew (species of special concern), round-leaved sundew, spoon-leaf sundew, and linear-leaf sundew (species of special concern).

Sundews typically inhabit fens, seeps, shallow water, open peatlands, and bogs and grow predominately in nutrient poor and acidic environments. All four sundew species have a wetland indicator status of OBL and are primarily pollinated by flies and small bees.

Sundews are very tiny plants whose leaves are lined with red hairs terminated by enticing and sticky mucilage that attracts pollinators. Leaf hairs are triggered by movement and once a prey item is captured the leaves slowly curl in toward the center of the plant where it is dissolved and absorbed .

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