The Wetland Professionals Association (WPA) was established in 1995. The principal objectives of the Association are:

1.    To develop and promote the scientific foundation of wetland science, which includes, but is not limited to ecology, delineation, regulation, restoration, and/or other emerging issues in wetland science;

2.  To promote and establish education and training opportunities for wetland professionals; and,

3.  To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and issues to further advance the application of wetland science.
The WPA holds educational forums each year that are intended to provide an opportunity for the discussion of wetland issues. The WPA also sponsors educational seminars and special events throughout the year including the Annual Minnesota Wetlands Conference. The WPA also publishes a newsletter and keeps members informed with e-mail updates of events and news related to wetlands and wetland science.

The WPA is a partner with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources in supporting the Minnesota Wetland Delineator Certification Program. Many of the educational opportunities provided to members of the WPA can be used for continuing education credits for certified delineators.

Many of the forums offered by the WPA can be used as credits for the Minnesota Wetland Delineator Certification Program.  DVDs of select forums are available to WPA members.  Please review the DVD Policy for obtaining forum DVDs.

The WPA also provides a consultant directory where members who provide consultant services are listed with their contact information. This directory is recognized as an unbiased data base source for those requiring the services of wetland professionals. Please review the list of upcoming educational forums and consider the benefits of being a member of the WPA.